A point-of-sale system that focuses on orders and payments and customer analytics.

Payment Transactions

  • Simple but powerful order form
  • Customizable products, orders, and payments
  • Dashboard widgets to track realtime transactions
  • Multiple payments per order
  • Customizable order queue system (Coming soon..)
  • Cloud based thermal printer (Coming soon..)

Customer Data

  • Fast indexed customer database
  • Statistics of customers orders and visits
  • Smart order menu based on customers previous orders (Coming soon..)
  • Loyalty programs and customer e-wallet integration (Coming soon..)


  • More in-depth realtime analytics (Coming soon..)



Order Tracking
Payment Tracking
Default product types
(Food, Beverages)
Default order types
(Walk-in, Delivery)
Default payment types
(Cash, Credit-Card)
Searchable customer database
Detail customer order history
Default order queue
(Table No.)
Default widgets


Order Tracking
Payment Tracking
Unlimited product types
Unlimited order types
Unlimited payment types
Searchable customer database
Detail customer order history
Customizable widgets
(Daily, weekly, monthly target)
Customizable order queue
(Coming soon..)
Smart customer menu
(Coming soon..)
FREE new features
Eligible for BETA features


Private Cloud Instance
(Additional cost may apply if you choose not to host with us)
All the latest Business features
RM 500 per future upgrades
(If you like the new features that are not on your instance, you have an option to upgrade. Unlimited features.)

"Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money and related objects.

We choose the name Numis, because we want to help our customers to collect money, and to make sense of their collection and their customers."